Busy Busy Times

Haven’t posted of late. Just too many irons in the fire, mostly out in the yard getting it all pretty for summer. The addition of the garden shed caused the need to re landscape an area of the back yard to accommodate it. Landscaping is always a lot of work at the best of times. It gets even harder as you get older. 

Bought half a dozen new shrubs, one tree for the front yard plus some more perennials so more “digging”. I’d planned on planting the shrubs today but the weather is wet so maybe tomorrow. 

I could do lots of other things inside, like work on my rail road, straighten out the work shop or do some painting but what I feel like doing is…. Nothing! 

So that is what I’m doing.

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Unofficial Start of Summer in Canada

Wow, here we are the much anticipated Unofficial Start of summer here in Canada. It’s the Victoria Day Long weekend, the first long weekend  of summer. Remember now that summer doesn’t officially start till June 21st.

This weekend tends to be a gong show in the multitude of campgrounds “out there”. Historically more stupid, irrational, idiotic things happen on this long weekend than any other long weekend of the year. People just seem to go nuts for some unfathomable reason.

Oh yes, of course the weather is always somewhat a mixed bag. It seems to be one or all of the following every year. Raining, Windy, Cold, Cloudy, or once in a while Sunny for part of the weekend. The most common May long weekend is a combination of all of the above.

All of which is why I just stay home!

Red Deer

Current Conditions
Mostly Cloudy

4 °C

Observed at:
Red Deer Regional Airport
9:00 AM MDT Saturday 19 May 2012
  • Condition:
    Mostly Cloudy
    102.3 kPa
    24 km
    Air Quality Health Index:
  • Temperature:
    59 %
    NNW 18 gust 28 km/h


Chance of showers

  • 13°C
  • 30%



  • 19°C
  • 3°C



  • 19°C
  • 7°C



    • 18°C
    • 9°C
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Oh what a glorious morning

It’s one of those glorious mornings today. The sun is warming and the sky is one of those with absolutely no clouds and it feels like one can see forever. A group of purple martins were checking out out martin house, swooping and diving around, sometimes landing on the house to peek in the various openings. The martins bring so much joy to my life, I hope that they decide to move in!

All is well in my world today!  .  

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Going around in endless circles

I’ve been on a seemingly endless search for what should have been a simple purchase today. After visiting four stores all of which should  have had the plumbing fittings I was after I ended up at Peavy Mart, a sort of store that is more rural/farm oriented. In the past, it seems like good old Peavy Mart has had those “hard to find items” that the big box stores never seem to have. Once again Peavy Mart came to my rescue with everything I needed. 

In the future, I think I’ll just start there first! Why make life more complected than it already is?

Anyway, now that I’ve been running in circles all day I have what I need to proceed but the day is gone bye bye. Crap  

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I’ve been busy!

As you may have noted, I haven’t been all that active here on the Cat Mountain Lines. After a long wait, spring seems to be here. That fact alone means it’s time to get busy in the yard, another of my passions! I’ve been busy doing some re-landscaping to accommodate a garden shed plus working at getting all the shrubs pruned. It was time to refresh the cedar mulch in all the shrub beds as well so $250 later that is done.

Still have to get the water feature working and build the floor for the garden shed. I have a hard time accepting that I just can not do the amount of work I used to be able too but the body lets me know big time.

Ah yes, “Accepting the things I cannot change”! Easy to say…. hard to do.

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Sheesh, two nice days and it’s back to yuck weather

What is it with this stupid weather in Alberta. We get one or two days of beautiful weather then boom. Cloudy, rain and COLD wind.

Anyway, I’ve been a busy boy the last two days working in my yard. If you recall a previous post about the purchase of a garden shed, I have been busy moving a bunch of dirt out to the alley along the fence line. I had to do that because the shed location was raised up from the rest of the yard by about 12 inches. Why was it raised you say… Well we had originally planned that area as a garden spot but plans and needs change. The shed would not work raise up that far so the area had to be lowered. Thank God that part is done. Too hard of work for an old poop.

The dirt along the back fence line is now a wild flower bed with a row of sunflowers. It will pretty up the lane I think.

The other thing I’ve been doing is refreshing all our shrub beds with walk on Cedar Mulch. It’s not super hard work but it is time consuming. I love the way it looks too!

Since it’s decided to rain today, I won’t be spending time in the yard but that is OK with me. I’m a little worn out after two days of heavy work. I have to keep reminding my self that I can’t do the amount of work that I used to do ten years ago in the same amount of time. As far as I’m concerned, this Mature thing SUCKS!!!

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A view of the deck

A view of the deck

Much nicer I’d say.

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